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Penelles GarGar Festival

"Gar Gar" is the sound made by the Great Bustard, an endangered steppe bird, and it is the name chosen for the mural festival in Penelles.

The GarGar festival has turned Penelles into a national reference for Street Art. Three days a year, the festival fills the walls of the town with murals created by graffiti artists from all over the world.

Without a doubt, the town is worthy of a visit!

Scaf & Abys - 2019
Draw & Contra - 2017
Jorge Gerada - 2018
'Alicia en el país de las maravillas' - 2017


Penelles, Lleida, Spain
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Art Event La Noguera Lleida Places Street Art

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Art Event La Noguera Lleida Places Street Art

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