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Espai Guinovart - Contemporary art - Agramunt

The Espai Guinovart is my favorite place in Agramunt. The building and the work are in perfect harmony. The people who manage the museum convey their enthusiasm for the work with great passion.

Josep Guinovart spent part of the Civil War in the village of his mother, Agramunt, where he lived in a cabin while fleeing from the bombings. This fact links his work significantly to the rural environment and Agramunt.

L' era

The passage of time associated with the era where wheat is threshed in summer.

La cabana

A central oak tree that links with the constellations of the Milky Way, surrounded by the consequences of the Spanish Civil War in the lands of Agramunt.

Oak tree

Burned stubble

The wall of the four seasons

The color changes that occur in the plain of Lleida are remarkable, from the cultivated fields where poppies emerge to the bare lands and fog.

Temporary exhibition at the Petit Espai - Josep Safont

The building

Convent destroyed by the war, rebuilt by the Devastated Regions organization and converted into a market, it was remodeled in 1990 to house the Espai Guinovart.

On Wednesdays in Agramunt there is a market


Plaça Mercat, 1, 25310 Agramunt, Lleida, Spain
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Agramunt Art Contemporary art L'Urgell Lands of Lleida Lleida Museum Stones

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Agramunt Art Contemporary art L'Urgell Lands of Lleida Lleida Museum Stones

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