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Uelhs deth Joeu - Plan dera Artiga - Refuge dera Artiga de Lin

Uelhs deth Joeu

Eyes of the Devil or Jupiter, a quite beautiful waterfall that gives rise to the Joeu River. The grace is that these waters come from the Aneto glacier which is in a southern valley of the Pyrenees and pass 4 km below the mountains to reappear near the Artiga de Lin.

Plan dera Artiga

La Artiga de Lin is the starting point of great ascents towards the Aneto and Maladeta area, as well as the mythical hills such as Aranesi, Picada and Hòro, places deeply related to the history of the Pyrenees.

Gentiana lutea

Gentian is a medicinal plant that is used as an appetite stimulant. One of the most bitter substances known is extracted from its root.

Aconitum napellus - wolfsbane

The aconite family are very poisonous plants. There are many flowers that give color to the meadows of Artiga de Lin. Artigas are forests that have been cut down to obtain pasture for flocks.

Artiga de Lin Refuge

The refuge is 9 km from the town of Es Bordes along a paved track. Access by private car is restricted in the summer months with greater influx of tourists. The track is also closed in winter due to avalanches.

Guardader dera aigua - Hònt deth Gresilhon

Both the water guard and the Gresilhon sling are very good. And the route to go between fir and beech trees is fantastic.

Small excursions around Uelhs deth Joeu

The arrow marks the second parking lot, which is where we must leave the car, it is a few meters from Uelhs deth Joeu. Then we must go up to Pla dera Artiga and then towards the Refuge where we can have a Coca Cola. From here we can go to the Pish de Pomèro and then return to the starting point. The entire tour lasts a little more than an hour.

We can make a second excursion to the Guardian of the water and the Gresilhon sling, and continue descending to the hermitage of the Mader de Dios de la Artiga de Lin. About an hour, and then you have to go back up.



Uelhs deth Joèu, 25530, Lérida, Spain
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