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Congost del Mu - hiking along the bank of the segre river

The Mu Gorge is an ideal excursion for spring and autumn, best done early in the morning, before anyone else, to be able to see the wildlife in action. It's better to do it from Camarasa to Alòs de Balaguer and back, as this way we can make a stop to refuel in Alòs de Balaguer.

The Mu Gorge follows the old bridle path that existed between Camarasa and Alòs de Balaguer, which partly disappeared in 1991 with the construction of the mini dam, and which was later restored in 1998 with several paths and the suspension bridge.

From El Pont de Pastor to the mini dam

Since the pandemic and the overcrowding of outdoor activities, there is a barrier in the Pont de Pastor that is normally closed, that is, we cannot reach the mini dam by car as we did before. We will have to start the route at Pont de Pastor, which means traveling 4 km more. In total, going from Pont de Pastor to Alòs de Balaguer and back is about 17 km.

The first section is a 2 km paved track, shady, that borders the Segre and leads to the mini-dam. You pass next to the old Fecsa camp and find a lot of climbing routes ideal for doing in summer.

The mini dam and the suspension bridge

Just below the mini dam is where the Noguera Pallaresa and the Segre rivers converge.

The Noguera Pallaresa originates in the Pla de Beret, in the Aran Valley, just a few meters from where the Garonne River, which flows towards the Atlantic, originates. The Segre River originates in the Cirque de la Culassa, in the High Cerdanya, and flows into the Ebro River in Mequinenza.

The ensemble formed by the Camarasa dam, the mini dam, the walkways, and the bridge over the Segre constitute a rather interesting space that already deserves a visit in itself.

The Mu Narrows

The Mu Narrows influenced the floods of November 1982, which completely submerged the El Molí Restaurant in Alòs de Balaguer. At the monument to Sant Esteve nearby, you can find the mark indicating how far the water reached.

Between the Mu Narrows and the Espadella Spring, in the Roques Prenyades, you'll find the Cova del Parco, an active archaeological site under the direction of the University of Barcelona.

The Espadella Spring

At the picnic area of the Espadella Spring, you can reach it from Alòs de Balaguer by car via an unpaved track which, in the event of recent rain, may be in poor condition.

Don't forget to bring water and sunscreen, especially if you're doing the excursion in summer.

Alòs de Balaguer

Once in Alòs de Balaguer, we can complement the journey by ascending to the castle through the village or visiting the chapel of Sant Miquel. Both excursions offer us a privileged view of the valley. There's also the possibility of simply strolling through the streets of the village, as suggested in the following image, and discovering its peculiarities.

We can refuel at Restaurant El Molí or visit the swimming pools; in both cases, we can feel the water from the Segre or the Font del Prat stream respectively while regaining our strength.

Flora and Fauna

The Aiguabarreig del Segre-Noguera Pallaresa, part of the Natura 2000 Network, is a protected natural area covering 10,237 hectares. The landscape varies from watercourses to rugged areas with holm oaks, oaks, and pines. We also find Mediterranean shrubs and bushes with aromatic and medicinal plants. Plants adapted to cliffs stand out, such as rock tea and rock carnation, endemic to the area. Along the Segre riverbank, we find alders

The cavities and ledges of the cliffs and walls in this area are shelter and breeding places for large birds of prey such as vultures, peregrine falcons, and golden eagles.

For Those in a Hurry

The shortest version would be to drive to the Espadella Spring, and then walk the part of the walkways and the suspension bridge to the two rivers, and return. This way, we only do the most interesting part of the excursion.

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Alòs de Balaguer Camarasa Congost del Mu Excursion Hiking Kayaking Lands of Lleida Noguera Pallaresa Picnic Segre

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